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The Professionals: Three part 10" single series

When you get the chance to work with a Sex Pistol you grab the opportunity with both hands! The Professionals, formed by Paul Cook and Steve Jones after the Sex Pistols burned out, were a terrific band. Great songs, great musicians and really powerful... but were dogged with bad luck. On the eve of what would have been the breakthrough tour a car crash almost wiped the band out, and certainly wiped their career out... with no promo and no chance to tour due to injury, the band fizzled out until 30-odd years later Paul Cook decided to put the band back on the road. Sadly Steve Jones was too content in L.A so a new line up was created. After the groundbreaking, critically acclaimed and vive le rock magazine awarded "What in the World" album came out in 2017, the band returned to the studio (owned by Zak Starkey!) and recorded this three part series of 10" singles. With some wonderful designs already been supplied, we suggested that the outer sleeves should be printed on the uncoated side and the inner sleeves be gloss laminated to give a visual great contrast to be seen through the die cut numbers on the front of each one.

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