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The Membranes

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

"We want to do something different...something unusual.... but we only want to limit it to 150 copies"

So says John Robb, vocalist with the Membranes and Goldblade, bossman of Louder than War, author, presenter, raconteur and a man with a gigantic vision who needs people he works with to share this vision.

“Cherry Red are releasing a general edition as a double album in a 5mm spine sleeve, but we want something outrageous for a special edition available from our website and gigs Peter, what have you got.”

These are they types of conversations I love.

So looking at the source material available, we designed a gatefold sleeve to house the double album set. Adding a matt lamination and a spot UV varnish to the cover highlighted the beautiful imagery... but creating a pop up bat presented issues that with our extensive print and packaging background knowledge were easy to overcome. The bat image was printed, gloss laminated and laser cut to shape before being mounted by hand.

A limited edition of 150 that Cherry Red expressed doubt that we could or would be able to achieve. But we did, and its as marvelous as the album itself... and sure enough, it sold out in advance of its completion. Photos can't do this one justice!

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